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what if you could drastically improve your cash flow?

Making small yet increasingly powerful changes can grow your bottom line

The Power of 1%

Continual Improvement – it’s what sets great businesses apart from good ones. 

All parts of business impact your bottom line.  You can’t manage what you don’t measure.    

What would be the impact if you were to assess the key areas of your business and took steps to improve each area by 1%?  Now, repeat that process over and over.  It’s the Snowball Effect.  Small changes over time gain momentum.

True Strategy CFO Consultant works to assess the key areas of your business, develop a strategy, and build a roadmap to achieve your goals.

True Strategy CFO Consultant
helps you increase profits by

  • Finding key areas of your business influencing your cash flow
  • Assisting you in developing your Financial Strategy
  • Providing a Roadmap to help get you to your business goals

what impact would greater cash flow have on...

Your stress level

Your confidence in decision-making

Your bottom line

your overall business


Let True Strategy CFO Consultant help you find ways to improve your cash flow

about the consultant
Gretchen jahnke

True Strategy CFO Consultant was founded to help business owners understand the story behind their numbers, gain better control and be able to drive their business to the place they dream it to be.

Gretchen helps growth-minded business owners increase profits by helping them tie their finances with their operations. It’s important to build a budget and financial strategy that will be used as a roadmap to drive their business from where it is now to where they want it to be.

We know that leaders are always making decisions on the future of their business and having a good roadmap gives them the confidence to understand what impact those decisions will have on their bottom line.

The result is leaders that can confidently to grow their organizations.

True Strategy CFO Consultant

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